The principals of design

I  believe that a good design starts with a personality and lifestyle put together to get balance, form, color, harmony and practicality. These are design elements which should be used as a tool for the right guidance towards a nice visual impact. Not too clutter too confuse you and not too empty to weary by dullness and be boring. Choose colors and textures very carefully.
Lighting is extremely important and make sure you have plenty of it. If they are on dimmer then you can create different modes.
A good design emphasizes the usefulness of a space.

Rozita Nazarian is the president of RKN Design. She graduated from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) with a degree in Interior Architectural Design and she has over 18 years of creative work experience. She also has a degree from Fashion School of Art (Shinkar, Israel) in clothing and jewelry design as well. Each of her designs are one of a kind tailored to her unique clients considering their life style, likes and dislikes and gave it a proffessional and distinct touch.

Rozita has appeared many times as a guest on HGTV and her design works been published in numerous fashion magazines. With her extensive work experience in hotel project, set design, wardrobe design, clothing and jewelry design, also with her diverse background, she is able to create a perfect environment for any taste and personality and the quality of her work and her diversity can be seen in each one of her projects. With her excellent service and commitment to her clients she will involve them in every step of the design process and hands them the perfect solution and groundbreaking design considering every aspect involving the project.